Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

This is a day when I really appreciate that I am retired. The weekend was so jam packed, I am a walking zombie (is the word "walking" a necessary part of that phrase). Miss Z arrived around dinner time on Friday - gosh is she growing and talking and teasing. What fun! I was going to have Dana's girls, Miss P and Miss M, on Saturday afternoon. However, they arrived home from their Tennessee trip with their Dad not feeling well. By Friday evening they were at the walk in clinic and were told they had strep throat.

So on Saturday when the hubster returned home from the Farmers' Market, I drove into town and stayed with the girls until 9:30 when their mother got out of work. And having had too much coffee or just not being able to shut down the night before, I didn't get to sleep until about 6:30 in the morning and was up at 7:30. But, the girls and I did jigsaw puzzles, played Rack-O (do you remember that game?), and Sorry until dinner time at which time I made bacon and pancakes and they were thrilled to have "breakfast" for dinner.

Needless to say, I slept 11 hours on Saturday night. On Sunday, the hubster went to play tennis and Miss Z and I stayed home and played. We did laundry and had a bath and then played some more. Her Mom picked her up around 3 pm.

Then I got to work on my "Going Green" class with Vinita Pappas. I had color charts to make and a still life to paint. It took me about 4 hours.

I drove to my daughter's house and we walked for an hour and a half. It was 92ยบ even at that time of day so we were soaked when we returned, but were both pleased to find that we'd walked 4.2 miles. Oh, do my feet hurt - still this morning. They get so hot on the balls and so tender on the toes when I walk long distances. I drove home and fixed a meal - I know 9:30 is not the time to eat, but I think my body needed fuel. After that I worked puzzles until about 11 when I retired for the night. I just got up, so think my body is still off a bit as far as the sleep department goes.

So here I am - it is Monday morning and my conditioning class is in an hour. I don't have much else planned, but hope to get some time to work play in my altered book and later I think we are going into town. The hubster needs to pick up some supplies at Lowe's and I need some gel medium (Michael just happens to be next door.)

Here is a look at my homework for my class:

How was your weekend? Did you get enough sleep? Did you get a chance to be creative? And will you have some creative time today? I sure hope so. I am looking forward to seeing what you've been up to while I was so distracted this past weekend. I'll be reading blogs and hope to find some time to check in with you.



  1. your exercise routines and walking are amazing, I think thats one of the things I miss most, walking, my sight doesn't allow me to walk alone and my husband doesn't walk as far as I once did, I have a painting to start today, I hope, we had a quiet weekend and yes I slept enough, the heat makes me sleep well at night.

  2. I rarely lose sleep but sounds like you are one busy busy woman!!! So much going on, no wonder you can't shut down your brain at night to sleep. And 4 miles??? Okay, you are seriously my idol now - I'm good if I do 1.5 miles and I'm not outside in 92F weather. The painting is beautiful - love the charts, too!

  3. I love doing color charts and love the way they look when they're finished. Yours is no exception! Your still life is quite lovely in its simplicity. Nice play!! See you Wednesday. hugs, nancy

  4. Nancy took the words right out of my mouth - lovely in its simplicity. Very nice. Glad you got some sleep. I cheated myself of a little sleep this weekend - splashed water on myself so I could do some art. That was wonderful. Anyway, you must be in some shape!!

  5. The green jug and pear is a very soothing and pleasing picture just to contemplate, lovely. I am sorry you got so little sleep but you are an amazing person to get so much done! I have an American friend who lives near me here in the UK and we play Racko with her - and love it! Hope everyone is in good health and with plenty of rest very soon, and that you get to keep on making lovely art.

  6. Great job with the colors and tones!
    Hmmmm... how I miss the days of being jobless...I mean looking for a job :p
    I sure can't wait to be retired but I still got about 3 decades to go(if I even survive THAT long)

  7. It's summer and I'm supposed to have some lazy afternoons in my studio ... but it seems like we've been so busy. I want the business to stop and I know what you mean. Terah

  8. I really like your still life, the colours glow.... colour charts help too!