Friday, July 13, 2012

More Travel Sketches and Art Journal Pages

I'm a lazy sort this morning as I'm just beginning my first cup of coffee and have just arisen. I had a very busy day yesterday again. I drove to my daughter's house in the morning and we walked 3.6 miles. It is so nice to be walking outside and the neighborhoods around hers are perfect for it - very little traffic and interesting scenery. Afterward I came home for a quick breakfast - I stir fried a bit of zucchini and onion and then scrambled eggs over it - and then got in the shower. I had an appointment at the humane society with little Miss Ellabear. It went really well - we talked, they took some information and $20 and accepted her. It was just a bit bittersweet, but I am sure she will be adopted to a good home. Kittens are very soon taken home.

I did a bit of grocery shopping afterward - boy is food ever expensive! I am trying to stay within the guidelines of the Slow Carb Diet, which allows for one cheat day a week, but because I am beginning in the middle of the week and intend for my free day to be Saturday, I will have to wait for the following Saturday.

The girls are expected home some time today. They've been in Tennessee with their Dad for almost a week and we've missed them. I don't know if we will see them today or not as they will spend 10 hours in the car just to get home and may not want to spend another minute riding in a vehicle. I am tempting them with steak for dinner, just in case that will swing the balance in my favor.

I did find time yesterday to travel again into the "photo reference" file on my computer where I found another little abandoned church in a graveyard that I wanted to try to sketch in pen. I tried to get the shadows in the right places this time and was pleased that this photo actually had shadows - I didn't have to make them up.

Later in the evening after the hubster made salmon and a large salad for dinner I found time to play in my altered book just a bit. I am really getting hooked on image transfer and tried two of them on the left hand page. I love how the silly girl turned out, but need to work a bit harder with the giraffe.

I have my conditioning class this morning and then plan to do a bit of house cleaning before playing in my art room. I think I will do another watercolor, but this time I will sketch out the picture before beginning. I will share my weekend fun with you on Monday. I have a self-imposed rule that I only blog Monday thru Friday, and I find it keeps me fresh and interested to have that break each week.

I did have a nice comment from a new reader, Linda, who left a link to her blog yesterday. You should check her out. She is quite talented and works in several media, which makes for interesting viewing. I also heard from my friends Lorna and Elsie. As I expected, I have subscribed to Linda's blog and am hoping to hear from more of you. I know I am going to enjoy her posts.

I do hope you find time to make some art today and that you are willing to share it. I love reading the blogs to which I subscribe and sometimes spend way too much time checking the reading list of some of them. It is such a thrill and a good investment when I find another blog to read.

I do have to work on my color charts for Vinita's class and hope to get some homework turned by the Monday night deadline and hope to have some things to share from that experience with you.



  1. your sketches are wonderful and the flowers in the previous post are so beautiful, you are such an inspiration for me, not just in the art field, you are an exercise queen!! Always go go going, I need that boost! Sounds like a busy busy life!

  2. NIce drawing Vicki! It's too bad the kitty didn't work out for you. I hope she finds a good home. Good luck with the diet and congratulations on keeping up with the exercise!

  3. A nice, sure, steady hand on the little church! Also, less cleaning, more art today is what the nurse has recommended for you! hugs, nancy