Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Travel Journal and Altered Book

I am really enjoying playing in my altered book, but need access to other old magazines besides Woman's Day that I get from my neighbor. I'm not sure where to get others, but am thinking of checking with the library or my hair dresser. Do you have any ideas?

Here are a couple of 2-page spreads in progress:

And I spent a bit of time in my travel journal. I didn't go anywhere (with the little yellow man) new yesterday, but used some of the saved places I'd been to before. I used watercolor but this journal is not really meant for wet media, so I felt constrained. It was fun, though.

It is going to be another sweltering day and I am not sure what will transpire as the day goes on. I am going to try to watch more of Wimbledon and am expecting my daughter and her two girls, Miss P and Miss M, for dinner and then the girls are staying overnight. I will only have them until around noon tomorrow, so have to get the art things out tonight so we can make things.

What do you have planned for today? Are you a big 4th of July fan? Mostly when I was a kid, we went on a picnic to the sand dunes - I have fond memories of bologna sandwiches and grape Kool-Aid, two things that I wouldn't eat today. I am not into fireworks and we don't live near either of the big lakes, so I don't think I will be doing anything special to celebrate.

Whatever you have planned for this week, I hope it includes some time for creativity and that you are willing to share yours.



  1. I'm Canadian but we live right across from the U.S, we could shout across, we will see all the fire works and hear the celebrations, I hope you have a great day, love the journal entries, the flag is amazing! I think the American flag is so much better looking than ours, thats just my opinion,

  2. Nice work! I like what you've been doing in your book. Keep it up! Hugs, nancy

  3. You could ask for old magazines at the beauty shops and doctor's and dentist offices for the heck of it. Who knows what they do with them? You can also use old books for collage from Goodwill, garage sales, or library sales. Or old sheet music or hymnals or music books. Old maps, junk mail, local free papers. Ask friends and family to save you old magazines, too.

    The pages and the watercolors are great. Stay cool! Enjoy the little ones. :)

  4. Great pages, Vicki!

    Our local library has a shelf of magazines under the ones they have for check out that are free for the taking; definitely check with your library.


  5. Goodwill (or similar thrift store) always has piles of magazines for 50c each and our library also has several shelves of used magazines on lots of topics. I just found your blog from the nice comment you left and I've been browsing through, catching up. Stay cool!

  6. I love the idea of a virtual travel book - I may just steal that for my next altered book theme. Your pages are looking great.