Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Watercolor Class, Altered Pages, WC Practice

I spent most of my day in my art room yesterday playing and practicing. For the most part I had a lot of fun. I have so much to learn about watercolor. This time I experimented with the wet in wet technique. There is apparently more to it than  I've been able to do, but it was fun and I am willing to try it again. I think that perhaps I began when the paper was still too wet, although I thought I'd waited until the shine was gone.

Later in the day, I tried to "finish" it, but think I liked it as it was before I added some ink and a vase. I do like the spattering, but it could be a bit more controlled.

While I was waiting for the flowers to dry a bit, I attempted four different pears - some wet in wet, some wet into dry.

And I played in my altered book. The page that was in progress got a bit of cheesecloth and some words added.

And then I tried a one with a bit of scraps of paper and an image transfer. I love how the image transfer turned out. Sorry for the roll of tape at the bottom right, but I couldn't get the page to stay open.

And finally I tried putting masking tape on the left hand page of the spread and using stencils to make a more graphic set of pages.

I did do a bit of traveling again yesterday (on my computer in the file labeled "photo reference" and found an old falling down barn that I believe I got from Wet Canvas. I used my oil pastels to add a bit of juicy color.

I am going walking with my daughter again this morning and hope to get 5 miles in. I am planning to wear thicker socks as the bottoms of my feet got so hot and sore last time. Walking on pavement is hard on this girl's dogs. Later this afternoon I am planning to do the Cathe workout with my weights. I chose not to do that workout yesterday because we worked the biceps and triceps and shoulders pretty hard in the conditioning class.

What do you have planned for today? Will you find time to do some art? If you are a reader who has a blog that just might not be on my list that I read daily or a blog that you don't refer to EDM or A.R.T. please leave me a link to it. I would love to see what you are doing.

I almost forgot to tell you that I have started a new class. It is called Going Green with Vinita Pappas. I love her style and will be working on my homework soon. I will share it with you.



  1. Boy Vicki, I wish I could get as much into a day as you do!

  2. Hi, Vicki,
    Such a variety of painting expressions you do! Love the softness of the watercolors and the crisp energy of the journal pages.

  3. you have been busy - good on you! Finding time for art - yes! That has been my goal this week too. You are all very welcome to come and visit me:
    enjoy lots of creative fun! Linda

  4. Like your wet into wet technique, the results are really good and cheerful.

  5. I'm not really familiar with that wet watercolor technique, but I think it looks great! Something new I might try. I think the flower painting is very pretty! And wow, yes I'd be happy if I got half that much done in a day!

  6. I love the softness of your wet-in-wet painting - it's quite lovely. I think I like the first one the best as well, although I do like that spattering very much. The altered book continues to evolve in many interesting ways. It's fun to see what you do in it! hugs, nancy