Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Playing

What a busy weekend! On Friday evening Zoë came over to spend time with us and on Saturday, Miss M arrived. Both girls were with us for Saturday and overnight. Miss M went home with her Mom on Sunday morning and Zoë stayed with us until late Sunday afternoon. It was terrific! It was painful (this ole body is a bit sore from carrying and bathing, I think)! It was so much fun!

Here are a couple pix of the little sweeties

I did get a bit of time to throw some paint at a few pages of my altered book. I'm not sure they are done, but they are started.

And as to the watercolor sky, I tried adding a bit of violet and made a mess, so I made lemonade a nightscape. It is not a good one, but I think it will be fine for cutting up to use in my altered book.

I am going to my fitness class this morning and then this house needs a really good cleaning. Then I am planning to spend some time both in my altered book and play a bit with watercolor. I really want to get better at it and just thinking about it surely isn't working.

What do you have planned for the day? Are you able to have a bit of creative time for yourself? Are you going to share? I have such fun reading all the blogs to which I subscribe and am finding new ones thanks to some suggestions - and some I find by looking at the blog lists of people I already read.



  1. such beautiful little girls, you have wonderful company for the weekend, great pages, what color, you accomplished alot!
    I am painting today, after a week of no painting!!

  2. Adorable photos and your creations are very effective ~ Think the watercolor is wonderful ! ~ Today ~ some creating ~ also preparing for guests for the Night Before the 4th fireworks display ~ enjoy the week ^_^ ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Those girls as just the sweetest! I know I'd be sore, too, but it would be so worth it. ;)
    I like what you're doing with all your art pieces. Today I am just trying to get clothes and bedding and towels washed. Not sure if I'll get to any art after that. Have a super day!! :)

  4. those girls are just gorgeous and your paintings of the chairs in wonderful... not to mention the bottom page... you are really doing some great work...xx