Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Journal, Sketching and Flowers

I guess I have an admission - I am addicted to image transfer. The more I do, the more I want to do. It is such an easy way to add another dimension to a mixed media piece. I decided to add a bunny from a napkin to the left hand side of the page and some dictionary pages. After adding a bit of watercolor, I looked through a couple of magazines for images and found two that I liked, so I did image transfers using gel medium. This spread isn't done yet, but I am liking it so far.

Here is a close-up of the texture:

While looking for the newer pieces to take pix of to share today, I found a little sketch from Monday while the girls were here. When waiting for gesso to dry, I often find a way to begin another page. This time I sketched a banana and an apple and used a stencil to include a graphic to the page.

And while walking the yard I decided to take a photo of this part of the garden that always seems to me to be calling out a friendly greeting. I really should try to do a loose watercolor of these.

I have a haircut scheduled for late this morning and then when I return, the hubster and I are going shopping to find him some nice casual clothes. We both spend most of our time in messy work play so that our kickabout clothes are really kickabout. I am looking forward to helping him find a couple new things. Later today I will decide what I am taking on the trip to the far north and will get packed.

What are you up to today? Are you finding time for yourself? Are you willing to share what you are working on/playing with? I can't wait to see it.......



  1. love your transfer pages. Oh my, don't get me started on yet another new project! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great yellow page today, like it. Your trip sounds so appealing, have a fabulous time and take pictures of that handsome husband in his new clothes (you ,too). Enjoy. Jan

  3. Your image transfers are beautiful! So alive. I am glad it's cooling down a little where you are - I'm in the US for work for a couple of days and have been prostrated by the heat ... I brought all my drawing gear with me and haven't dared stay outside longer then I need to so will have to draw my hotel room I think! Do draw or paint those gorgeous yellow flowers, they are wonderful.

  4. Great transfers and texture in your journal!!