Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sketches and Art Journal Pages

I cannot believe that it happened again, and I didn't drink any coffee after my morning cup yesterday. I went to bed around midnight, but the sandman would not come and after lying there for an hour, I got up and read a book that my friend, Nancy, gave to me at conditioning class yesterday. While it was a good read and I love reading, I would really like to have the effortless sleep that I am pretty much used to. I finished the book around 4:30 and went to bed, but I am awake already and surely haven't had enough sleep yet.

I have a couple of ink sketches to share. One is from Harlingen, The Netherlands. Caatje mentioned that she was going there and so the little yellow man thought it would be fun to take me there and I found a very cute town. This is a portion of a street. It had a waterway with boats along the quay, but that wasn't my focus, so I just tried to get the proportion of the buildings.

Then yesterday I was reading blogs and came upon Kath's blog, Hillside House, where she had a post of a quick visit to Kilmallock, Ireland, and she included some really great photos. I went there with the little yellow man and actually saw some of the same places that she had shared, but she had a photo of an interesting window with a bicycle outside it that I asked permission to try to sketch. I think it may be a bit timid and I should have used a firmer touch and maybe a thicker nib, but overall I rather like it.

I recently purchased some Faber-Castell Gel Sticks and wanted to try them out in my altered book art journal and this is what I have so far.

I'm a little disappointed to find that the flowers are not yet dry and the color comes off on my fingers if I touch them. I guess I will try to pat some gel medium over them to see if that "sets" them. Anyone familiar with these who can give me some guidance?

I have a feeling I am going to be less than productive today, but am hoping to find time and the inclination to do a bit of art some time (maybe after either fully waking up or after a nap) today. And I hope to see some of yours, too. I get such inspiration from what you are doing.



  1. I just love to see your journal work, I don't know anything about gel medium so i'm no help there at all. I hope you have the best day!

  2. Your journals look lovely. I especially like the travel ones from your previous post.

    Hope you get some sleep. I struggle with sleeping all of the time. The summer is even harder with the high heat at night. Maybe you'll have a good night sleep after being up most of last night.

  3. So sorry to hear about you sleeplessness .. That's no fun at all! I love your sketches -especially the one with the bike. Great job.

  4. If you are talking about the Gelatos, they look like lipstick. I have found that you need to let them dry, and not to use them to thickly. If that makes since. I love them and have all the colors. They are blendable, that is why they seem to smear. You can use them as is, with water, or gel medium. I have only used gel medium after my spread is done to set it. You may what to try a workable fixative. There are some videos as well on using them. Good Luck, and hope you get some sleep.

  5. I enjoyed seeing your work Vicki, it was nice to "meet you" :-)

  6. You have been on some great adventures on Google. The angle of the bike against the wall is amazing.
    I can relate to the sleepnessess! I used to get a lot of drawing some at weird hours, It is relaxing (but not the sort of relaxing to send you to sleep.)