Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July! It is going to be another really hot, dry day here in southern Michigan. The Tiger baseball game last evening actually started about an hour and a half late due to rain. Detroit is just a couple of hours east of us, but we didn't get any rain at all. I think I am going to have to get out today and do a rain dance.

I've been watching some really good tennis this week, especially the Kerber/Lisicki and Radwanska/Kirilenko matches. And while I was watching, I was either working crossword puzzles or drawing with ink in a sketchbook. I am not sure any of my sketches are great, but I do think it is helpful to keep on trying.

At one point in the day, I was directed by the hubster to go out into the yard and check out this lovely flower that was growing from inside a tree stump. This is in a part of the back yard where there are no flowers at all. A bird must have dropped this seed and it just had to grow.

I think my daughter and her little girls are coming out for a cookout this afternoon, but I don't have anything else planned for the day except to try to stay cool and maybe do a bit of art. I went to Meijer last evening and bought some hot dogs and a can of chili without beans. I have been craving a chili dog for a long time and have finally decided to give in to it. I wonder if it will taste as good as I've been anticipating.

Do you have a big celebration planned for the day? Are you keeping cool? Are you making time for yourself and your art today? I surely hope you have power and that you either have cooler temps or some rain. My heart goes out to all those with either fires in their immediate area or have no power in these really hot, miserable days. Stay safe!



  1. Happy Fourth of July, Vicki! OMG! Is it hot or what! It's another good day to stay inside and do some more of your pen and ink sketches. I love your sketch of the church -- great details.

  2. Love your solitary truck flower!
    No plans here. It is sweltering and cloudy. Not sure there will be any fireworks if it's too cloudy or raining. Just a quiet day inside here with the air conditioning. Happy 4th! :)

  3. I talked with a friend in Fla. yesterday and it was hotter here than there! ugh!!!! I love your sketches, especially the church. Nicely done! Hope the chili dog lived up to your expectations! hugs, nancy

  4. Great sketches and that flower, is that ever neat how it grows up right there. Its still hot here, and it has been insane hot here... Some days we cant even take our dog out for walks and for some reasons its hard on my joints when the humidity kicks in... I hope you're able to enjoy summer even if its so hot.

  5. That solitary flower is really lovely and the church sketch is great... aren't bricks tough when they are so uneven...xx

  6. Good ink sketches...

    I made our traditional 4th of July meal: Potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, and hot dogs, of course! It wouldn't be the 4th without those goodies to eat. Diet, what diet?

  7. Very nice sketches and I love the tree stump flower. What a fun little present from nature.

    We've been splitting our 4th week between Wisconsin and Illinois and it has been insanely hot with no rain so we are just trying to stay relaxed and cool. It sounds like you had a very pleasant holiday.