Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing and Some Mail Art

I'm not sure I got anything done yesterday, but I surely was busy. I began the day here, then went to conditioning class. After class, Nancy and I went out for brunch (we were planning to do a bit of sketching while there, but we didn't. We did have a great conversation and she had a book for me to read. It was The Magician's Assistant by Anne Patchet. After brunch (where I ate way too much), I came home and cleaned the bathroom and did last night's dishes (don't ask). When my daughter got home from work, I went to her house. We picked up the house a bit and then went for a walk. I think we got about a mile and a half in. From there I went to the local library for book club. This was my first time and we were discussing The Red Tent, which I really enjoyed. Then it was home where the hubster prepared chicken chipotle (yummy). After I did the dishes (I rarely leave them until the next day), I read until bedtime. I finished The Magician's Assistant and would recommend it. A bit strange, but then the other two books of Patchet's that I read were a bit strange, but quite entertaining.

I do have a little bit of art to share. These are the current spreads in progress from my altered book.

As you can see they are in varying stages of completion and I will share them once more when I think they are done. I think you can tell from the last two that I had a pile of both ultramarine blue and iridescent pearl acrylic paint on a plate and decided to use it up. I don't know if these colors will be so evident as I add more layers, but I didn't just want to let them dry and go to waste.

I also have a lovely bit of mail art to share. It came a few days ago and I was thrilled, but forgot to share. It came from the lovely Jo at jogatheringwild and it is spectacular.

I am going to my daughter's house at 9 this morning to walk. I will wear my pedometer so I can have a tally of the distance walked. The hubster and I will also be going to the humane society to see about finding a spot for the kitty we rescued. The original plan for housing has fallen through and I don't really want a house pet. I have a new book to read for book club - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I may find time today to start it. If it "grabs" me I probably will finish it before I go to bed this evening. I have been known to completely miss out on life while I have my nose stuck in a book at many times over the past umpteen years. I do hope to find time to begin a new watercolor and perhaps a pastel painting as well. Who knows what the day will bring?

Do you have plans for the day? Anything special? Are you making time for yourself and your creativity? I surely hope so and can't wait to see what you've been up to. Do share.



  1. Love the mix of colors on the postcard and the light delicate nature of the altered book pages.

  2. It's really been fun to watch your progress with the altered book. It's clear you're having fun with it! BTW, you have a great day for a walk! hugs, nancy

  3. Really enjoying your altered book project and all you've been sharing. Gosh, you must be a very intense reader to start and finish a book in one day!! I sometimes take a week, just picking up and catching up when I can (usually in front of the t.v. when Sweetie is watching some sports I don't like).

  4. I like your pages and that's a really pretty mail gift. I love when a book grabs me and I get lost in it for hours and hours. So cool that you can be in a book club!! Enjoy!! It's already evening by the time I'm reading this. I hope you did some of the things you wanted to today. :)

  5. I'm just now reading a book all about Mail Art and feeling inspired to get some on the go, so it was a very happy coincidence to see the lovely mail art you received! And I think the altered book pages are great. :)