Sunday, January 13, 2013

30 in 30 Day 12

I've had a pretty busy day. Miss Z was here until about 2:30 and then I just had to do a bit of picking up of toys,  emptying the dishwasher, and then begin filling it once more. The kitchen is clean and the living area is picked up. The little girls' room is a disaster, but I can ignore that if I choose to. While Miss Z was down for a nap I walked uphill on the treadmill for an hour trying to keep up in my quest to lose a few pounds.

Once my little darling went home with her Daddy, and I was done with the house work, I came back to my art room to put together a small painting that could qualify for my Day 12 entry. I began with some loose wet into wet color with blue, a bit of reddish and then some yellow. When it was almost dry I decided to add a bit of stuff near the middle. I put in a variety of hilly shapes and then added a bit of salt. I think I overdid on the salt and/or was overzealous removing it. At any rate here is what I have to share.

I haven't gotten any other art in today and think I am having Miss M overnight tonight. The hubster will take her to school in the morning as I think I may be spending Monday with my dear friend, Nancy. We will play with Paper 53 on our iPads and who knows what else. Tomorrow night I am spending the night with my daughter as she has to be to work on Tuesday at 5 am. I will get her girls to school and then come home, coffee up and go to the chiropractor. I have therapy on my right hand/arm in the afternoon, and then we are meeting our son with his girls and my daughter and her girls to have a mini celebration of Miss P's 10th birthday at the restaurant of her choice.

Here we go - another busy week! Ain't life grand??



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