Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Birds and A Watercolor Pear

We had a lot of fun with the girls yesterday, but Miss Z has a cold and wasn't quite herself. This can be a double-edged situation. On the one hand, you feel sorry for her coughing and obvious discomfort, but on the other you really enjoy all the cuddling. She is such a sweetie.

I did find time while she was napping to do a couple more bird sketches in my nature journal. They are in ink and I will try to add some color today.

I was also able to do a small watercolor in my January journal as day two of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I didn't overwork this one quite as much (maybe I should always do my watercolors with demanding babies in the house), but I still have a long way to go before I feel that I am becoming capable with the medium.

My physical therapy is going quite well and my hand/wrist is becoming much more like its old self. I still have the nerve pain and numbness up my hand and into my index finger, but it is beginning to settle down. I have another session on Friday.

As for the sugar challenge, I only ingested 15g yesterday and hope to stay under the suggested 20g. I am a big fan of salads with very little dressing and homemade soups, both of which have very little sugar; the biggest culprit in my diet is bread.

Today I am going to try to get my birds colored and do today's watercolor for the challenge. I think I'll also try to sketch the Great Horned Owl who is living in the wood duck house. What about you? What are you doing today? Have you checked out the 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge? Do share.....



  1. Dear Vicki. I am so glad you are feeling better now. Also you are so beautifully creative.

  2. Oh how I miss that cuddling, you luck gal. The pear looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing the color on the birds. hugs, nancy

  3. The pear is excellent Vicki :)