Saturday, January 26, 2013

30 in 30 Day 25

Miss Z just went home and so I hotfooted it back to the art room, got out a fake pear that I keep around for still life setups, and painted the following.

It looks like this 5 x 5 piece was cut from the edge with the Arches info embossed. I think this one might be my favorite so far. You can see I didn't dare to add a shadow - maybe at a later time.

I thought I would also share another photo of the cardinals who frequent the tulip tree in the backyard waiting for their turn at the bird feeder. I can't believe how many of them we have around here daily. On one day I counted 13 pairs.

I do love these birds - they are especially nice to see in the winter when so much of the color is washed out of the landscape.

I cannot believe there are only 5 days left in this month and I have actually had a painting/drawing each day so far. I hope to make it to the final day and then continue to produce something at least on the week days.

What about you? Are you participating in some kind of challenge? What are you willing to share?



  1. I had to laugh - I also keep some artificial pears in my studio as models. This past week, I had some live seckel pears in a still life, and one of my students picked it up and said 'this really looks like a real pear!'
    You've done a wonderful watercolor here, Vicki.
    (And I really enjoy seeing those pictures of your cardinals!!!)

  2. Love your pear. It seems to be the thing to paint in the 30/30! Great Cardinal shot too! XO

  3. I love the bright colors in the pear .... they go with the cardinals! hugs, nancy

  4. It has a nice warmth and it hints at being lit from the bottom right with the top left being a lovely artistic shadow I love it too

  5. very vibrant, Vicki--a beautiful pear.

    We feed the birds, too, but I've never counted 13 pair of cardinals, wow!