Saturday, January 5, 2013

Watercolor Day 4 and A Junco

I don't usually blog on the weekend, but since I am trying to participate in a couple of challenges, I will do so. I tried to do a watercolor of my special bear that was a gift from a young teacher to whom I was a mentor years ago. I don't know if I should have tried salt or something else to try to get the idea of fur, but for what it is worth, here she is.

And I tried my hand at drawing a junco that was in the yard. Unfortunately, the pen I grabbed had blue ink, so he tends to have a bit of a blue cast when he should be pretty much black (perhaps a bit of gray) and white.

The hubster has just finished his breakfast and is getting in the shower. Afterward we are going into town where we will shop and I will get a flu shot. He has already gotten one.



  1. I like this bear very much. While there isn't a clear depiction of fur, she looks very soft and cuddly. And the junco of yet another one of your great birds ... I find birds pretty hard to draw, but you've gotten really good at it! hugs, nancy