Sunday, January 6, 2013

Watercolor Day 5 and Grandgirl Art

I tried to do a very loose bluebird without any drawing first. I totally like the idea, but am not sure I like the outcome. I can't wait to try another subject this way.

While I was working on this, Miss P was at my side table with a tablet and my Neocolor IIs. She made this.

I really love doing art with the girls and wish I had their free creativity.



  1. I love the bird it is a Master piece! With a couple of touches it will be finished. Just beautiful, Maybe you were a little to wet on wet. This is great for you. Will you sign and date it and sell it to me?

    Ms P: Let us give you some advise:

    I love you straightforward freeness. Never let anyone take that from you ever. Your Ms Vicki, has given you such a great Gift.
    Now for the artwork. Mr. Sun love the face - however, ever tried laying your pencil on its side to make more than one style of sun ray?
    Your atmosphere is great. Here again instead of just scribbling with the point of the pencil - scribble with the edge make more atmosphere. Could you give me some grass blades to stand on? Please.
    Also, My hats are usually cover up my hair. But your Hair Hat is wonderful. A little more neck. But after all it is perfect sitting next to Ms Vicki.

    OXOX Circle of His Healing Angels.


  2. i love the bluebird! :-)the watercolor makes it look so... fluffy :D

  3. I LOVE the bird!! It's wonderful!!

  4. The bird is absolutely lovely.
    I love creating art alongside my children too :-)

  5. What great pictures!

  6. The bird is wonderful! I love it's soft, fluffiness. Miss P. just keeps getting better! Hugs, nancy

  7. the bird is awesome Vicki! :D

  8. Just catching up with your posts. I LOVE this bluebird!!