Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 in 30 Day 28

I had the most unusual breakfast this morning. We had a serving of tomatoes and onions that we'd poached some salmon in for dinner the other night, so I heated it up to a simmer and dropped two eggs in, covered and let them poach. It was delicious - it would have been even more so if we had some bread to toast. I ate Wasa wafers with it instead.

I have attempted another loose bird - but I couldn't stand it at the end, so I added a bit of black ink to define a couple of things. If only I could learn to walk away and just see what happens.

I will be spending most of the day packing - laundry is going, I've tried on a bundle of clothes and decided which ones to take, I've done one stretch homework, and the treadmill is calling me. I do have to find some time to go back to the salon and get my pedicurist to fix this mess. She told me it was dry enough to put on socks and boots, but they are a big mess.

I am taking some art supplies with me when I leave tomorrow morning and am hoping to finish out this challenge strongly.

What about you? What are you up to these days? I'm seeing tons of wonderful art online these days. Even if you are not playing along with the challenge, you might want to go visit Leslie's site to check out the art of all the players...



  1. he is so sweet, it would make the perfect note card!!!

  2. He's such a cute Robin, looking very proud and Im sure looking after Mrs Robin. I hope you have a great trip, sounds exciting... but where are you going, somewhere warm?