Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 6 and Some iPad Sketches

I am so enjoying this 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and it is a really good incentive for me to get in the art room even when I don't think I have time. I've tried another loose watercolor for Day 6 - I need to figure out the right time to begin painting as I think both of my attempts thus far were started when the paper was still too wet. I was thinking about painting a flamenco dancer, but when I got the reds mixed on the palette, suddenly a cardinal was in my head and I do so love birds.

I was reading someones blog yesterday and she was talking about how to use Paper 53, an app that I own that is on my iPad. She made it sound so easy, so I tried using her tips  (come to find out there was a little "how to" included that I hadn't taken the time to find) and I think I am addicted. I used an InStyle magazine to find some faces to try.

See, I wasn't kidding. It is quite addictive.

Today I need to clean house. I haven't done much at all since I fell and broke my wrist. I still don't have the whole thing back, but I think I can do most things. I will begin with vacuuming and then scour the bathrooms (I still don't feel that I can do the tubs, but I should be able to do the rest). I am also planning to sweep floors a bit. Who knows, I may even dust.

This afternoon I am picking Miss P up from school and we are going to get her Kindle set up to borrow books from the library. I think she has chosen Red Lobster for dinner. I guess that means I should spend some time on the treadmill - unless I really do hours of cleaning and then that can be my workout.

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Does it include time in your art room? Are you participating in any challenges? Do share.....



  1. I love the drawings - these were done on your eye pad? Just yesterday I found myself sketching the old school way - in my journal... there is something about drawing that continues to call me no matter what I do!

    (I suppose I should pay attention...)

    I am participating in several challenges this year, looking very forward to the Letter Month challenge. Yesterday I started making envelopes for it and fell immediately in love with THAT project!

    Glad to have found you today from Creative Every Day!

  2. Good submissions in the 30/30 Vicki. Don't you just love the challenge? I'm doing it too. Make sure you blot the ferrulel of the brush (loaded w/ plenty of pigment) often while painting wet-in-wet. Looks like your wrist is coming along nicely!

  3. I love the Cardinal, beautiful! Do not over do. Glad your happy with the challenges.

    Sherrie Roberts

  4. I love these! Please tell us more about the drawing aps. I have an iPad and I haven't had the time to research how to use it for drawing. I need to get a good stylus too. I tried some finger painting with it and it was a pain!

  5. Great job with the faces ... Maybe I'll get that app too! Hugs, nancy

  6. I love these faces sketches :D