Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Intention

And so we begin the new year. So far it feels so like the old I have to remind myself to think of it as a chance for a fresh start. I think it is time to recommit to making art every day and posting to my blog Monday thru Friday. As I look back I see so much improvement from my first attempts at drawing to where I am today, but my progress seems to have slowed much over the past year. I need to push myself and try to get out of my comfort zone. That being said, the art I am sharing today is pen sketches of two of my most frequent visitors this time of year - the chickadee and the cardinal. Sketching birds is definitely not out of my comfort zone - but maybe the fact that I did them in ink is a bit out there.

This is in the Dutch book I began using as a nature journal earlier this year. I'm afraid I've neglected it lately and am happy to once again be working in it. I think I will get out the oil pastels and add a bit of color to these today.

The hubster and I did manage to stay up to watch the ball drop at midnight and shared a bit of bubbly as a token celebration. He is on the treadmill right now and I will be following that example when he is done. So far I've put in an hour both yesterday and Sunday and am hoping to make this a daily thing. I am so looking forward to our trip in February - walking on the beach is so much more rewarding and pleasant than walking the treadmill.

So, what are you up to today? Is there some kind of family celebration going on where you are? Are you worn out from last night's festivities? Are you going to find time for some art today? If so, do share.....



  1. Your birds just keep getting better and better! Be sure you show them to us after you add the color, ok? hugs, nancy

  2. I am with you! Pushing ourselves to leave the comfort zone is a challenge but the pay off is huge! Your birds are fabulous with pen only - can't wait to see them with color!