Friday, January 18, 2013

30 in 30 Day 17

I downloaded a few apps while waiting for my therapy appointment yesterday. One of them was called Art Set and boy is it fun. It has a thin and thick marker,  a pencil, oil pastel, wax crayon, colored pencil, and oil paint. It also has an eraser, but it only works as it would in real life - in other words you cannot erase anything except the pencil; and it only has so many undos, so I wasn't able to remove the purple colored pencil that I began to use as a background. This was made using the oil paint and I definitely need more experience with it.

I tried another couple of pears with watercolor this morning and they are a bit better than yesterday's attempt, but I still have loads of room for improvement. I think I may have to do pears until I really get them in a way that I am really pleased with.

I need to do a bit of house cleaning today as Miss P is having a sleepover tomorrow in celebration of her 10th birthday. Her Mom assures me that she is taking care of everything as far as food, snacks, entertainment and cake. I must admit I am a bit nervous about it, but I am going to stay positive and let my daughter handle it. Miss M will be staying overnight, as will be her Mom, so I guess I have no worries.

Meanwhile I will try to attempt another pear painting to share tomorrow.


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  1. Simple forms are daunting it's a struggle between symbols of the shape and what is actually there. Try concentrating on one inch at the left until you feel its beauty within then draw. See if that helps.