Monday, January 21, 2013

30 in 30 Day 20

I tried my hand at a line up of different pears with watercolor and was less than pleased with the result, so I took a photo and then went at them with some soft pastels - way too smeary! I ruined it altogether. So I am going to have to use what was intended to be an under painting as my finished product. Overall I don't think they are so bad, but the shadows are awful.

Awoke to my most painful day yet - actually brought tears to my eyes. I spent the first half hour drinking my coffee with a heat source on my upper arm and followed up with my stretching exercises. It is a bit better - now the trick is to stay busy and get the positive attitude in place to override the pain. I will try to get in about 6 sessions of stretching today.

I am intending to do the treadmill again today - yesterday I did mostly uphill and according to the readout on the machine, I burned over 500 calories. Yowza!

I am planning to make some chorizo bean soup today and spend time in the art room. I don't have to be anywhere and I am glad as it is snowing and the roads are snow covered.  The hubster is working the mall today, so dinner will be around 7. I think I will try to do a bit of sketching as well as some watercolor while he is away.

What about you? Do you have plans for the day? Do those plans include time to make some art? Do share.....



  1. I think they are charming and have personality. Delicate and well handled.

  2. Your pears are lovely, each one has it's own character and shape, leave them as they are :)

  3. I agree! I think they're very nice and I love their uniqueness. hugs, nancy

  4. Well done ~ lovely ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  5. Love your pears.
    Hope your arm is better - pain is not pleasant at all.

  6. I have been looking and looking at these Pears! Shadows are fine. The pears are fine. It is watercolor nice and flowing. Do not go messing them up.
    I was so sad to hear about hear about RSD. I read the articles. I assume it means a type
    of nerve damage. I am sorry it is so painful.
    I am praying.

  7. Hi - I just found your blog, because I'm just getting back into art after literally decades of being sidetracked by life. I've been looking for challenges to motivate me, and - since many of my blogging companions have now run out of steam and given up - new blogs to follow. I've been doing Illustration Friday, which is a bit daunting since a lot of the contributors are professionals, and I found you through Creative Every Day, which I think I should probably join.

    So, I looked at your pears before I read the words and I thought how fun and refreshing they were, compared to many of the paintings I'm seeing. There is such a light hand and effortless feel about them, that I really love it! Doesn't matter that the shadows are not 'as they should be'. Although, in my mind, they are absolutely as they should be; fluid, unformed, and giving me the impression of changing light. I think it's GREAT!