Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Bird, Another Watercolor

I am pleased to report that so far I am on track with the 30 paintings in 30 days and I am hoping to keep up with it and see my watercolors get a bit better with time. For today's (actually it was painted yesterday and so is my Day 3 painting) I attempted a teapot. I am pretty happy with it except for the blog in the middle of the shadow, but I am working really hard at putting the paint down and leaving it. I usually muck around with it so much that it gets really awful. There must be a point somewhere in between those two extremes where I could make it look better, but I haven't found that place yet.

I also attempted a Great Horned Owl in my Dutch nature journal. I am mostly disappointed with how the black ink from the pupils of his eyes got into the yellow. The eyes are meant to be much more yellow and should stand out much more than these do.

I put on my workout clothes as soon as I got up today so I won't be tempted to skip the treadmill. Yesterday I played with the incline enough that I racked up a whopping 400 calories in an hour. I may try that again today. I have therapy later today and afterward, if it is not already too late, I plan to stop and get a flu shot. I've never had one before and haven't gotten the flu, but I feel as though I've been playing with fate.

I ran across another challenge that I think I need to try - but I have several days that I have to catch up on. It is the 31 days of color with Maggie Latham. The first three days are about pouring colors and I am excited to start. The first thing I need to do is get my full sheet of watercolor cut up into 5 x 5 squares and get some of them taped off into 3 x 3 spaces. I'll try to get that done this afternoon so I have the weekend to get caught up.

I plan to sketch something else in the nature journal - I may try a pine cone. Jane LaFazio has a great tutorial on sketching one that I think I will try. And I will decide what I am going to do in my watercolor journal for Day 4. What about you? What are you planning to do today? Does it include time for some art? Are you willing to share it? I am afraid some of you who read this blog and don't leave comments are doing some wonderful art and I am not seeing it because I haven't run across you yet. If you have art to share, won't you leave a link in a comment so I can find you?



  1. I'm going to check out the LaFazio link - I like her a lot. I think your teapot has some very nice things going on. You did a nice job varying the depth of the color, giving the pot nice dimensionality. Keep going - you're doing really well! hugs, nancy

  2. I love your Teapot shows great attention to detail. You shouls repaint it. A progressive 30 days with the Teapot. I do not understand the dissappointment with the Great Horned Owl. You could try some yellow acrylic to make the it brighter.
    I am checking out your link. Jane LaFazio.
    Hope you have all the watercolor paper cut out and taped off.

    I feel better. Just to do not have the energy for a full day of life.
    Tired already. Over did it yesterday, going up down the stairs to get out the stuff for Charity.

    XOXO Circle of His Healing Angels.