Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 9

I slept from just after midnight until 10 this morning. I am very stiff and sore in my right hand and arm, but I think the old bod must have needed the extra down time. I stayed up late reading a book by Harlan Coben called Long Lost. It was quite good. I've read something of his before and remembered liking it, so I thought it was worth another try. The one I read before is called Tell No One and it was a very good read, too.

I've attempted my next watercolor in the 30 in 30 series and I'm afraid I've overworked it, but it is going to have to do. I think it was perhaps too ambitious for me. Maybe I'd better stick to simpler ones for now. This is from my rough sketch from a sketch that Marilyn Harris Mills (aka Maer) provided through a Yahoo! group that she moderates. It is supposed to be a take on a Van Gogh. I think I must heartily apologize to both Van Gogh and to Maer. It is pretty awful.

I was going to trash this and do a painting of my camera instead; I even began a sketch, but then I decided that part of this process is to do a painting a day and learn from each one. Here is the beginning of the camera sketch. Maybe I will use it another day.

I have to eat breakfast (or lunch - look at the time!) and get ready for the day. I have therapy and then have to stop to pick up some library books that are being held for me. After that I need to stop at the grocery store for a few items and then I want to come home and get on the treadmill. 

What about you? Are you up and bright eyed? Are you making art? Do tell.....



  1. Sounds like you are a book lover...reminds me I must step away from the computer and do some actual book holding again. Your painting for the 30 in 30 is very good, sunny and loose.

  2. quit the contrary Vicki.....I'm very proud of what you've've come a very long way since I first met you. If it were my painting I wouldn't change a thing other than the cast's a darker value than everything else...put your value guide against it and you'll compare it with the other elements....whenever I do a cast shadow and am not sure, I use a very light purple/grey mix and then add layers if need be to build the value.....remember that value closest to the jug would be darkest value and moving out it gets lighter. Overall I think you did a really great job!

  3. I am just an ordinary lady who loves to look at art. Personally, I really like this picture. I am glad you did not trash it. This picture makes me feel happy.

  4. It is a delightful painting! You are doing great with this challenge!

  5. I like them :) please don't trash any of your drawings

  6. I think the watercolor is very nice. Much looser and not over-worked at all. I do agree with Maer about the rendering of the cast shadow...that's the only need of correction. Well done!