Monday, January 28, 2013

30 in 30 Day 27

For my painting today I chose to paint my special bear again. I tried to mimic the furriness with a black fine point Sharpie marker before applying watercolor.

I have a zillion errands to run today including getting the oil changed, doing some last minute shopping, and therapy. I will also be stopping by my daughter's house to help her get her computer to recognize her iPod.

I need to get on the treadmill before I begin my running around and hope to get an hour in. I've actually lost 5 pounds since my fall - not be accident - I've been working hard and watching what I ingest. I hope to continue this trend until I reach my goal weight - just 7 pounds to go.

It is rainy this morning after a mix of rain and ice overnight. All the schools in the area are closed. I am hoping to see my girls today after my errands so I can get some more hugs and kisses before we go away. I am packing a bag of art supplies and am planning to draw/paint something each day while I am gone.

Do you have plans to make something today? Do you sew? knit? crochet? do paper crafting? paint? draw? Do share.....



  1. Sweet bear - no wonder it's so special to you. I'll miss you while you're gone. Have fun today! hugs, nancy

  2. I think this is your best... you have color and texture and detail that make me want that bear!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I do love this little bear. Very good with the fur Vicki, definitely looks furry.

  4. Such a sweet little bear! have a wonderful trip.