Thursday, November 13, 2008

AEDM and Catching Up

I spent most of yesterday's free time rearranging my art room. I am trying to get it to where I am able to reach most of what I want without actually getting up and searching for it. It is getting better, but it is not done yet. At the end of the day after the girls were asleep, I began to get backgrounds started.

When I got up this morning I added a layer to them. Once they dry, I can begin the fun part. I have two swaps that I have to get made - one is faces (I love working with faces) and the other is whatever I want. I am thinking those are either going to be difficult because of the freedom of choice or going to be extremely easy and happening because of the freedom of choice - know what I mean??

I am going to try to take advantage of this morning's freedom (my daughter doesn't go to work until 12:30) to get a lot of art started and maybe even some of it completed because tomorrow there is no kindergarten for the 5 year old and the hubster is going up to the cabin with his brothers and my daughter works Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am hoping to do a bit of painting with the 5 year old while the baby is napping on Friday.

On Monday I am planning a trip to Hobby Lobby with my artist friend who lives in the area and on Tuesday I have an outing arranged with a retired teacher friend. Two days in a row of adult fun - YEAH!

I hope to add some pix of finished projects tomorrow. Until then, don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. Hi Vicki, I just love the way you are making time for your art! mmmm I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in town, sounds like a fun outing!Looking forward to viewing your new upcoming paintings :o)

  2. You are on a roll! Can't wait to see what you do with the backgrounds. Sometimes it is good to be forced to do something, then at least something gets done :-) Sounds like you have some fun, productive days coming up.

  3. lookin' good! and those adult outings sound great too!!