Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AEDM and CDs and My Little Artist

Late last evening I started the 4th CD. So far I have covered it with a variety of tissue paper, some as is and some embossed. I tried to wrinkle it a bit as I pressed it into place and then realized that when doing the embossed one, this flattened out the emboss. I didn't flatten too much of it, so I am using it as is. I think the flat area adds a little interest. How's that for a little rationalization!?

I'm also working slowly on a mandala. I am doing mine in pencil. I think you are supposed to do it in ink, but when I tried on the reverse side to do ink, it smeared awfully. Maybe I don't have the right kind of pen. I would appreciate some ideas of what pens to use in artwork that do not smear, if such a thing exists.

At any rate, my little artist in residence, my 5 year old grandgirl, saw what I was doing, and she needed to make one also. I used a CD to draw the circle and then used a protractor to mark it off in 30 degree increments and then used a straight edge to connect some lines between the marks. What I especially like about hers is that she is not afraid to use any symbols she wants. I'm just loving the lips, butterfly, carrots, houses, suns, 4s, snowmen, smilies. Sure wish I had that much courage to try anything that occurs to me. As a matter of fact when she chose carrots and only made 2 big ones and I asked her if she wouldn't rather fill up the space with a bunch of smaller ones, she replied, "Nana, I am the artist and I decide what to do when I am drawing. There isn't a wrong way, you know." I must be saying all the right things to her when she is complaining that she isn't a good artist. For that, I am really pleased to hear her parrot me. I hope she internalizes that and doesn't lose it like so many do somewhere in the growing up process.

Don't know for sure what is on the agenda for today, but I will take it as it comes. It is a blowing, snowing day so I will be glad to hunker down indoors whether it is to work in my art room or babysit.

I'll say bye for now and don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. Hi Vicki...just over on AEDM... Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to see more of your art! I have to run over and heart you!

  2. I love your CD and how it is turning out. Your mandala is looking good too. I love it that your granddaughter is able to articulate her thoughts and feelings - yup - there is no wrong way when you are an artist - that is gorgeous. I don't know what others use, but I use the Pitt black artist pens - I bought a set of 4 in a packet and they all have a different size tip on them. Talk to you soon.

  3. wow! now that's a mandala! Try using permanent markers and see if that helps any. Re grandkids: we get them to help us remember what we've forgotten -esp with art!

  4. Hi Vicki,

    I'm so glad to hear that you are doing a mandala. They really are so relaxing and a lot of fun. I answered about pens in your previous post...hope it helps.

    I usually draw the outer circle. With a pencil, I mark around the edge in the portion size I want to work in...then I mark the centre and then, freehand in pen from there, usually working from the centre outwards. However, this all depends the effect you want. Some mandalas aren't repetitive in design at all. Some are a picture within the whole circle that carrys a spiritual/meaningful message for the artist. Your granddaughter is so right though...there should be no rules in art as it's such a personal thing. Have fun creating!

    love, light and peace,

  5. how wonderful to be able to do artwork with your grandgirl!!

  6. I had a little set of instructions for making a mandala in PhotoShop last year, and that was a lot of fun. But I've wanted to do one with my hands on paper a la Carl Jung. Have you seen his? There's a book containing the ones he did.