Monday, November 3, 2008

AEDM3 and Another Face

So far, so good. I am keeping up with the "art every day" plan for November.

It was particularly difficult today because we had a warm front come through early this morning and had a truly lovely day. The out of doors was calling. I spent most of the morning labeling and preparing a couple of mailings - one an ATC of mine and one of another person's that I had contributed to in a round robin - and my October MAT challenge, the pictures that I showed in a previous post.

I now use the post office in Leslie. The women there are so friendly and knowledgeable. My previous experiences with the Pleasant Lake post office were anything but positive. I don't think the drive is very much longer, maybe a mile or so, but the experience is so much more upbeat and pleasant that I have come to think of it as "my" post office. I think I will soon make either an ATC or a post card sized work of art with some kind of post office theme to give to them for their office.

After the post office visit, I went to the local Welcome Pharmacy to look over their scrapbooking supplies. I got some good deals on sale items including a couple of Zig Writer pens, some mica particles and some mica flakes. I haven't ever used them so I have to do some research to see what kinds of projects they lend themselves to.

I spent some time out of doors this afternoon, first drinking some flavored coffee with the hubster and then pulling the 1 year old granddaughter around the yard in her wagon. She loves to go down the hill and wend around the yard along the creek watching the leaves make their way downstream. Today was officially a day off, but the baby was sleeping when my daughter had to leave to pick up the kindergartner for her ballet class, so I said I would take care of her.

Once my daughter and the 5 year old granddaughter returned home, I escaped to my art room and drew a face. I really like it after I applied a gradient map to it in Photoshop. I have been neglecting my sketchbook. I was intending to do a face a day, but sometimes there are just not enough hours available.

The hubster made some Emeril's Chili using stew meat instead of hamburger - it is one of my favorite dinners - I ran to the party store for some "scoops" and we had a lovely meal with the sliding door to the screened porch open. That is an unusual position for that door for this time of year.

I am now in my art room with the iPod set to songs and am being serenaded by a wide variety of artists - Neil Young, Indigo Girls, Cathy Davey, Imogene Heap, Joni Mitchell, Enya...... I find it so nice that the songs play in random order as I have over 3,000 songs on it and find that if I choose an artist or album, I tend to select the same handful. This is much more interesting. By the time I got the memory card out of the reader and formatted it to take a pic of the iPod, a new song had started - an all time favorite.

It's late. I need to post this and then think about a cup of herbal tea before turning in. So, ta ta for now, and don't forget to live in the moment.


  1. Vicki, I am really enjoying your faces. I haven't really started attempting this yet. I have played around a couple of times. I still need to refine a few features.
    By the Way....I hear you about the IPod. Unfortunately I don't have a studio but when I am home alone with my art I usually set my computer to to play all my favorite songs.

  2. Nice reading you. I always like to read about others' days. I enjoyed your face and good for you keeping up with AEDM.

  3. Your faces are wonderful, Vickie! I'm not surprised about your Post Office choice... people can make all the difference and we should go out of our way more often to be around those with lots of positive energy. I too love to put my Ipod on random... I hear songs I forgot about and really enjoy and probably would not have selected on their own.