Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AEDM5 and Dick Blick

I have been thinking for weeks about trying putting a face on the other canvas that I created in Paulette Insall's Backgrounds class. About a week ago, I drew a face on the canvas. I tried to use some stencil paper I bought, but it had no directions on it anywhere. I thought that I would just put it white side down on the canvas and draw over the face I had sketched on paper and it would be transferred to the canvas. That didn't work so I just drew the face freehand with a Zig pen that was labeled among other things as waterproof and non-bleeding. You know, of course, that when I tried to apply paint the next day the black ink bled all over the place.

My first attempt at painting this woman's face was way too pink and her eyes were way too black around the edges, the whites of her eyes are jaggy (I think I made up that word) and too white and the pupil color was zombie-like. I put her away for awhile and went on with my other projects, namely ATCs and forgot her. Today I picked up my art room - it was a mess - and happened upon this poor woman.

I repainted her face and painted in some hair. She is far from acceptable, but is WAY better than she was when I found her. I took the picture from some distance because she still looks awful from up close. And her hair looks greenish in this picture. It is more of a light chocolate. I know I have to add some highlights in her hair, add a bit of color shading to her face, and figure out a way to keep the black from the pen from either bleeding or showing through. Both of those possibilities are not good.

Meanwhile, there was a real high point in my day - besides the fact that my candidate for President won by a landslide. I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face or quit humming all day. But the other thing is I got a delivery from Dick Blick. Talk about a wonderful interruption.

We had another 70 degree day today and I spent a fair amount out of doors with the 1 year old. Man, is she ever a lot of work. I had to chase her every few minutes to keep her from playing on the steps to the deck, to keep her from going down the hill to the creek, and to keep her from going out in the front yard near a very busy road. There is a reason we usually have children in our late twenties or early thirties. You need to be that young to keep up with them.

I have two more very busy child care days left in the week and then am going to a one day art retreat (MichiganAB) in Olivet and from there I am driving over to my sister's house and spending a few days with her. It will be big fun - walks, games, good food, good coffee, great conversation. Ah, freedom from responsibility.....

I'm not sure I will be posting while I am at her house, but I will put up each day's creative piece when I return. I am determined to keep up with AEDM and I will have my paints with me from the art meeting.

Until tomorrow, don't forget to live in the moment!


  1. Her face looks pretty good to me... keep working her until you feel happy with it. Enjoy your art class... I'm so jealous!

  2. I had to laugh when I read your post. She doesn't look as bad as what you make out. Envying you your retreat, have fun. And enjoy it as your sister's place. I can relate to the young children thing - I work with 3-5 year olds and glad to hand them back at the end of the day, LOL. I'm waiting on a Dick Blick order too, can't wait :-)

  3. I think she looks fine..a bit like early portraiture...I envy you your retreat doing JUST art! Happy AEDM'ing :)

  4. i think her face is looking great! it is frustrating when a pen bleeds. now that you've got some paint over the lines, it should be better. when that happens to me, i just paint over the lines a bit, let it dry and then carry on.

    a package from dick blick and 70 degree weather sounds like heaven to me! :-)

  5. Love the painting...I am the same way when it comes to faces, but I think you've got it. Enjoy your retreat!

  6. I guess you know now, and I also had to learn (and relearn) the hard way.... but ALWAYS test a "permanent" pen in an inconspicuous spot to see if it really is. I painted an ATC on one of those cute stretched canvases from Dick Blick. I decided it needed more definition & used the Zig. When I added a coal of gloss medium, the marker melted. Argh! I was able to selvage the ATC, but it was a panic moment. I have used Sharpie with acrylic & had no problems.
    A tip I picked up from reading - it is OK to use a circle template when drawing the iris & pupil of eyes which are a rare perfect circle in nature.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures in art.